28 Jul 14

so there’s a strong possibility i took a shower in my sleep last night

 what the fuck   i've never sleepwalked before 
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so the voyager headcanon i had before watching endgame involved janeway and chakotay not talking for a few years after voyager returns and then reconnecting and then the inevitable babies and such.

which could still totally fit with endgame because honestly that ain’t gonna last.

 voyager   I will go down with this ship   i honestly have zero space in my voyager headcanon for seven   i just don't care about her 
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e-sharp replied to your post “fucking hell i just barely got over the last cold from hell and i’m…”

Let me know if you’re bumming around miserable and testy and need company next week.

awww you’re the best i don’t know why you’d want to hang out with me when i’m grumpy but if you’re that bored… i’ll let you know. i’m mostly planning on a 3-day star trek marathon so be warned that is what any offer to keep me company will consist of.

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tom what are you doing

are you sure this is a good idea

this would be a bad way to end your trip

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the high pitched screeching noise i just made was really impressive.

the high pitched screeching noise i just made was really impressive.

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good god admiral you are angry

but we are going to execute your plan right?

 if it really takes 23 fucking years i'm going to be so upset   voyager   no longer avoiding endgame 
27 Jul 14

wait kathryn this sounds like a bad idea what are you doing.

 voyager   no longer avoiding endgame 
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 no longer avoiding endgame   voyager 
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no ewwwwwwwwww

 what the hell   i was warned this was coming and still wasn't prepared   you've had like three conversations and zero sparks over five years wtf   voyager   no longer avoiding endgame 
27 Jul 14

i don’t know who chell is but those are some world-class puns dude

 voyager   no longer avoiding endgame   sorry about the liveblog i'm having trouble dealing with this